volunteer opportunities are open now

We are beyond grateful for our enthusiastic and passionate volunteers and ball kids - the Elizabeth Moore Sarasota Open would not be what it is today without their dedication and commitment.



Responsible for the daily duties of the concession stand including but not limited to: customer service, cash handling, inventory control, merchandise and supply restocking and facility upkeep.


Responsible for player, coach, and fan transportation to and from hotels and Payne Park Tennis Center.

Food & Beverage

Responsible for running food and beverage orders to and from the VIP Lemur Lounge, as well as staffing food/beverage stations on site


Receive and scan tickets from guests. Answer any ticketing related questions from patrons while providing exemplary customer service.

Ball Person

Gather dead balls from the court and feed them to the bases after each point during match play. Will act in a professional manner that properly portrays themselves and the 2023 Elizabeth Moore Sarasota Open.

Usher / Security

Will assist guests throughout the venue and in their respective sections while also ensuring a safe and orderly experience for all visitors.

General Hospitality

Will carry out typical hospitality related duties.

Set Up / Tear Down

Will assist will all aspects of onsite, pre-tournament set up and tear down, other duties as assigned.

Any Volunteer Services

Will/May assist will all aspects of of the event where help is needed.

Information booth

Will serve in a fan-facing role at the customer information booth. Will distribute materials such as maps, match times, etc. Must be able to confidently answer or attempt to solve any and all questions from guests.


As one of the first points of contact for fans, the greeter must be able to greet fans in a welcoming manner and attempt to answer any tournament related questions that fans may have.

Parking Attendant

Will serve in a operational role will direct flow of fan traffic as they arrive to Payne Park be best follow the parking procedure.

VIP / Lemur Lounge

Will serve in a customer service role and help maintain the VIP Lemur Lounge. Will answer and solve all request of VIP and other premium guest/clientele.

Floater / Operations Support

You will be required to preform duties that may encapsulate other duties within different departments/roles. Will preform a variety of duties as needed.

Pre Tournament Support

Will assist in a role that is similar to the Pre Event Set Up position, with more focus on duties that are less operational.

Captain Role

In a Captain Role, you will be responsible for other facilitating duties to other volunteers. Those duties will be as assigned and may encompass several departments.

Vendor Assistant

Will act in a sponsorship services role, attending to all of the requests/needs of onsite vendors and sponsors.

Court Assistant

Will assist with any aspects pertaining to practice and match courts, such as maintenance and other upkeep.